J u r a j Kojs

  making music with instruments, everyday objects and technology  


Juraj Kojs is a Slovakian composer, performer, multimedia artist and producer permanently residing in the US. Juraj's creative and research work reaches to the areas of music at the threshold of hearing, action-based acoustic and electroacoustic music, cyberinstruments created with physical modeling synthesis, tactile music, native instruments from central Europe, contemporary concert music, dance music, interactive audio-visual performance, muscle-powered multimedia, music with everyday objects and toys and graphic notation.

Juraj is a co-founder of Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA) and the ensemble SofIA: Sonorities of Interactive Acoustics. He organizes 12 Nights and Acoustica 21 concert series at the Harold Golen Gallery in Miami, Florida. Juraj holds a PhD. in Composition and Computer Technologies from the University of Virginia. He had teaching appointments at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark, Yale University, University of Virginia and Ai Miami International University of Art and Design. Juraj is currently an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Music Theory and Composition at University of Miami's Frost School of Music.


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Favorite Sites
  • Miami Herald described Bang for the Train as "the most profound work of the night – and certainly the most unexpected and enjoyable." Jordan Levin further wrote: "Bang for a Train was simultaneously a participatory and experiential performance, an example of instant community building, an exercise in seeing and hearing your surroundings in a new way, and, quite simply, rare fun." Miami Herald


  • Yale album of experimental electronic music released on aReW recordings. Listen and downolad for free here.
  • Check out the video from the premiere of the Music for the Music Stands by the extraordinary Talujon at the Queens College, March 31, 2015 here.
  • 2015-2016: The Contemporary Arts Program (CAP) commission to create a site-specific sound installation Moat of Sound inspired by Vizcaya. Miami, Fl.


News: Events 2016

  • May 30: The Black Queen: Beauty and the Beast, the coronation scene. Gualala Arts Center, CA.
  • May 2: Caged (short feature film) and Waters of Venice (experimental video by C. Satin and R. Arcaya). Original music. Club Amici del Cinema, Genova, Italy.
  • April 28: E-Slovakia T at CCRMA, Stanford University, CA. 
  • April 27: talk about action music and E-Slovakia at CCRMA, Stanford University, CA.
  • April 16: Opening of Fictional Sonic History sound installation at the Deering Estate. Miami, FL.
  • April 16: Solo and group performances at the Deering Estate. Miami, FL.
  • April 5-June 3: Opening of a new sound installation at the Deering Estate. Miami, FL.
  • April 1: Cage Reloaded. An installation with Alex Lough. Outside the Box, West Palm Beach, FL.
  • March 11: Tatry for piano quartet. Deering Estate Ensemble at the Deering Estate. Miami, FL.
  • March 9: Guest Lecture withPaula Matthusen. IE School of Architecture and Design, Segovia, Spain.
  • February 13: running electronics for ...explosante-fixe... by P. Boulez at the New World Symphony. Miami, FL.
  • February 6: Ivan Alexander Moscotta performs VIII for solo piano at Cincinnati Soundbox, Cincinnati, OH.
  • January 30: The Snow Queen Song video. Winter Heat Music Festival, Miami, FL.

News: Events 2015

  • December 3-5, 2015: Imprint Your Love. The flutist Margaret Lancaster is confined in a metal cage for 15 hours over 3 days. An outdoor interactive performance and installation. O Cinema. Miami, FL.
  • October 13-15. Bang on the Cage with Alex Lough. An interactive sound installation and performance for a sonified metal grid cage. The III Point Festival. Miami, FL.
  • September 18: The Living Earth Show premieres 69 Piglets for electric guitar and suitcase percussion. Miami Beach Urban Studios, Miami, FL.
  • September 5: The Cable Piano. A performance with Alex Lough for piano and technologies. Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL.
  • August 14: The Silo Songs. An interactive installation and performance with Alex Lough for 2 silos. Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL.
  • July 26: Electronic Music set with Abinadi Meza performance. The American Academy in Rome. Italy.
  • June 9: And All My Senses Suspended. Nave Graham, flute, Noah Jenkins, violin, Ryan McMasters, double bass and Mari Kawamura, piano. New Music on the Point Festival. Leicester, VT.
  • May 23: Sarah Cahill premieres In the Mist for piano. Bakehouse Arts Complex, 561 NW 32nd St., Miami, FL.
  • March 31: Talujon premieres Music for the Music Stands. Queens College New Music Group concert, Aaron Copland School of Music. Queens College, 64-80 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, New York, NY.
  • February 26: Circuit Bridges: FETA and friends. Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St, New York, NY.
  • February 22: L. Wilcox and J. Lopez play Where the Light Surrenders for viola and piano. Deering Estate. 16701 SW 72 Ave, Miami, FL.
  • February 12 and 13, 9PM: Carlota Pradera and Lazaro Godoy’s Bare Bones. Miami Dade County Auditorium. On Stage Black Box. 2901 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL.






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